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If you have a webpage with downloadable content and you need to earn a bit of extra cash, this program will be a big help to your wallet: File Monetizer, a file-download monetizing service.

File Monetizer is a software designed to start filling your pocketbook through every user movement on your webpage, as well as ads, clicks, and downloads. It's a new, highly efficient, and profitable method to monetize your files.

File Monetizer packs all your files in an external ZIP folder that will contain two files: one in a little-known format called BH and another similar to a direct Internet visit that explains how to unpack BH files.

The program can start bringing you economic rewards with just a few clicks. During the installation process, the sign-up offers will pop up and, once accepted, the user will receive a corresponding deposit to his or her account at

In short, File Monetizer is very useful program that converts your webpage files to a ZIP format with an installer that will count how many times the file is downloaded. This lets the user earn cash by doing practically nothing: you only have to indicate the files that you want to monetize with File Monetizer and then just wait until your web users download them.
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